Shanthinagar Vision released!

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With the support of all the people who contributed during the last three month we are happy to announce that the “People’s Vision on future Shanthinagar” has been released!

How and where to get the book “People’s Vision on future Shanthinagar”?
You can get a free hardcopy at:
Sagar Stationary, Nanjappa Circle, Rhenius Street, Shanthi Nagar, Richmond Town
or at
MOD Institute, Cobalt BLR, 46/1, 5th Floor, Church Street, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Opposite Hotel Empire (

The Nextbengaluru space will be regularly open for special events. Look out for announcements.
You can also download the publication here:
Peoples_vision_booklet_web (2.3 MB, Pdf-file)
peoples_vision_map_web (1 MB, Pdf-file)
Please spread the word!

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